A few top tips for grooms, to ensure your the neatest looking groom your guests have ever seen!

  • Choose a new scent- every time you, or your other half for that matter, smell this, it’ll remind you of the special day, so it’s nice to pick something special rather than your everyday stuff.


  • Get to know your hair. It’s important to have a fresh trim for your big day to ensure you look absolutely on point in your pics. However, some people prefer their hair a few days after your cut, if this is the case, do just that! Maybe have a few practice cuts prior, to ensure your timings just right!


  • It’s a similar story with your facial hair. For example if you plan on sporting a little stubble, ensure you’ve shaven the necessary time prior to achieve your perfect look. It all depends on personal prefer and your hair growth, so take note!


  • Tweeze with ease! Eyebrows may not be a major priority for some men, but a good wax makes all the difference! If your not familiar with tweezing, your best bet is to book an appointment with your local beautician for a professional and well groomed finish. We recommend this process around 1 week prior to the day.


  • Are you honeymoon ready?! While your there, wax that unwanted body hair! You could even end the session with a relaxing massage to ensure your feeling fab for your big day.


  • Socks 🧦 have you considered which pair you’ll wear?! Ensure you have the perfect pair suitable for your shoe and complimentary to your suit.


  • On the day- mints, emergency aftershave, lip balm and possibly a comb for your hair. Make sure you spend the entire day as fresh as you started it!

You can thank us later!

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