Bliss Collection

The ‘Bliss’ range is a stunning collection of bridal gowns all priced between £295 and £795. These gowns may have a lower price point but there is no compromise on design and quality. Although they may have slightly less detail on the gowns, than our other collections, they are perfect for anyone looking for a simpler design or a wedding abroad.

When you visit the store you are not limited to trying on just one section of dresses, the whole showroom is available to you. Every dress is individually priced for you to see the price if you wish however some brides prefer not to know the prices which is absolutely fine as the tickets are all tucked inside. No matter how you would prefer to shop for your wedding dress we will strive to give you the best experience we can.

No matter the section in which you find your dream dress, you will receive the same exceptional customer service, from our experienced and knowledgeable staff. This is simply a way off making your wedding dress shopping experience as stress free for you as possible.

We look forward to seeing you in store.

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